very British

Bilinguale Klasse organisiert reichhaltiges englisches Frühstück.

On November 10th our bilingual class 7c had an amazing English
There was great food like yummy sausage rolls, scones, a big
Victoria sponge cake and iced bakewell tart tray bake, specially made with glacé cherries. We also ate porridge, white boiled eggs, jam and orange marmalade. Everybody loved black tea with milk and some sugar.There were lots of different mouthwatering biscuits like Scottish shortbread, jam heart sandwich biscuits and very good digestives (one of my favourites!) The whole class brought something typically British and prepared the food perfectly!
It’s very interesting to have an English breakfast, because you learn what types of food there are and how different it is from the German „Frühstück“. We also talked about the English culture and everybody presented the food they brought. We all organised it well and had a lot of fun. Our class felt somehow a bit British, even if only for two hours!  The hard work was worth it!

Irene Marinca


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