Nachhaltige Entwicklung von Regionen - Projektbeispiele

Re-thinking tourism in Primorska

Pretty Venetian old towns disneyfied beyond recognition, cruise tourism flooding villages— or slow, conscious and instructive travel which is beneficial to the planet and the locals beyond profits? We had a chance to study some examples

Olive Groves: hands-on harvest

Preserving a terraced estate on the penonsula from an investment project, our local colleagues restored an olive grvove from centuries ago. Our Q1 students explored traditional and more recent methods of harvesting.

Breeding horses at Lipica

Long before the Lipizzaner horses make it to Vienna, this is where they are nurtured in their cradle. And beyond the landscape of oaks and meadows, it is a vital part of  natural and cultural heritage.     

Cultural incubator: Štanel

The Karst region with its unique topography and climate is home to dozens of small villages. One is home to a recent center of cultural entrepreneurship: At Štanel, landscape, art, tradition and performance come together. We talked to those who had the idea.

Border region- habitat -resort

Salt, once as precious as gold, has many functions and origins. The Piran salt pans show a traditional craft, preserve a unique wildlife habitat, and offer discoveries in sustainable tourism.